musicplayer1Day by day India is gaining popularity in technological advancement because Indian market is flood with lots of product which is featured with latest and highly advanced technological innovations. In this country, each people loves to wear watches and when it comes to smartwatches, People welcomes with full zeal. Smartwatch is a computerized wrist watch with many function. It can be perform some tasks like calculate, translate, and to play games. Smartwatches offers lots capabilities and functionalities similar to a smartphone which includes making calls, connecting to the Internet, messaging via text or video, checking caller ID, weather updates, fitness monitoring capabilities, locate directions, and many more tools. To days. Number of companies have smartwatches on the market or rumored to be developing like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Pebble and various others.

smartwatchSome of the smartwatch are keeping many tasks such as portable media player, to offer play back of FM radio, video files, audios, music via bluetooth headset. Because of these features some models are called as watch phones, which keeps full mobile phone capabilities. Smartwatches has been designed as smart phones that have provide features like running mobile apps, making call, connecting to the Internet, message via text or video, checking caller ID, to access stock and weather updates, fitness monitoring, GPS coordinate, location direction and many more. Many companies have published highly featured smartwatch in the market including Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Pebble and some others. It is a digital watch that do more and more works with time tracking device.


A smartwatch is an extension of your mobile phones which can prioritize notification and know when to shift attention. It will alert you from weather and perform many tasks. Suppose you are at dinner and you feel a vibration on your pocket that time you will disturb and not concentrate on dinner. But this smartwatch will help you more like if you are getting any call at dinner time and not want to pull out you phone then this will automatically make you know that whether it’s your boss call or a news letter from store visited by you once a year ago or half ago.

Smartwatch is the traditional watch by connecting to the Internet, you can do many task on it in different way. It will deliver notifications and basic controls to you because The more advanced function of a smartwatch are perform by pairing them to your existing smartphone, which then uses the small screen of the smartwatch. You can directly play games and run apps on it because the software developer have developed these features on Smartwatch.

Smart watches

Many of the brand of smartwatch have launched in the market with highly advanced features. There are some smartwatch like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Pebble and some others. Today Samsung is one of the major brands in the area of smart-phones and now Samsung has arrived with it’s all new range of smartwatches named Samsung Galaxy Gear (Series). Earlier it used to run on Android OS but now it works on Samsung’s self made Tizen OS which is compatible with Samsung smart phones. It can retrieve text message, track your activity, control your television and many more. Most of all the smartwatch connect to the smartphone via bluetooth and control many function on that smartphone. Like other computing device, the smartwatch will collect information from internal and external sensors. It will support wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS etc.